Taking the High Ground

Most wiki services edit Wikipedia in secret, potentially
breaking the law and causing other problems. Ethical
Wiki offers an alternative.

Contribute to Wikipedia transparently.

We help clients transparently offer high-quality neutral content to Wikipedia and other wikis. Ethical Wiki has authored more than 30% of Wikipedia's best company pages, according to the site's independent rankings.

About Ethical Wiki

Our services.


We consult on how wiki rules apply to your page and situation.


We research wiki-compliant citations from press, books, and others.


We author neutral content that conforms to the site’s rules and norms.


We help you engage the site’s editors and respond to poor edits.

Case studies.

Ethical Wiki's work spans a wide range of situations, clients, and subjects. We have worked with clients in technology, construction, and consumer goods. Some clients are Fortune 500 companies and others are startups, non-profits, book authors, or politicians.

Some of our work involves contentious and controversial subjects, while much of it is mundane improvements to derelict pages. If it involves content on a wiki, Ethical Wiki has you covered.

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