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Simple Guide To Wikipedia and Marketing [Infographic]

Posted by David King on Tue, Apr 01, 2014

After Wiki-PR was exposed last year for manipulating Wikipedia and recieved a cease and desist letter from the Wikimedia Foundation, more marketers have been raising questions about their approach to Wikipedia and ethical behavior on the site. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations has published a best practices guide for marketers participating on Wikipedia and Ethical Wiki has our own 18-page eBook. For those seeking a short version, I created this infographic with a collection of stats and information on ethical Wikipedia engagement.  
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Wikipedia & Astroturfing: The Last Word

Posted by David King on Sun, Oct 07, 2012

Wikipedia's openly editable model and a history of misbehavior on the site creates radical attitudes about what constitutes astrotrufing on the online encyclopedia. According to the FTC, astroturfing occurs when someone intentionally gives the appearance of an organic, grass-roots source by not disclosing they were re-imbursed for their statements.

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Bridging Legal & Marketing Teams on Wikipedia Policy

Posted by David King on Thu, Aug 30, 2012

Today we published a report called "Finding Safety in Ethics" answering the proverbial question between legal and marketing teams: "can we edit our company's Wikipedia page?" The legal department knows that Wikipedia's conflict of interest guideline warns of "real-world consequences," and they've seen the headlines from inappropriate corporate participation on Wikipedia.

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