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  • Wikipedia ranks Ethical Wiki's work as among the top 1% highest-quality brand pages on the site.

  • We comply with Wikipedia's Conflict of Interest Guideline, its Terms of Use and our own ethics policy.

  • Ethical Wiki provides honest advice. In more than half of assessments, we advise to abstain from Wikipedia rather than use our services.
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"Ethical Wiki's careful, by-the-book approach to contributing to Wikipedia in potential conflict of interest situations provides one of the finest examples of sponsored contributions that provide an unequivocal benefit to Wikipedia."
- Wikipedian, 42,000 edits
"Ethical Wiki’s expert counsel has helped us make positive, ethical contributions to Wikipedia, while avoiding areas where Wikipedia’s content policies conflict too greatly with our perspective."
- Ethical Wiki client, Fortune 500 company
Ethical Wiki's ability to ethically and effectively lead the process of revision and improvement of our company's Wikipedia page to achieve "good article" status is a clear demonstration of the firm's Wikipedia expertise, impartial point of view and diplomacy."
 - Ethical Wiki client
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