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Ethical Wiki is a professional services firm that helps clients ethically and transparently improve Wikipedia pages about them. More than 90% of companies that edit their Wikipedia page without expert help are unsuccessful, breach Wikipedia's Terms of Use, or engage in problematic editing. All of our work is done personally by David King, who has authored more than 30% of Wikipedia's best company pages, according to Wikipedia's quality rankings.



1. Content

Ethical Wiki researches, writes, and codes a draft Wikipedia page that conforms to Wikipedia's requirements.


2. Review

We consult and coach ethical compliance as the draft is reviewed by stakeholders inside the company.

3. Community

Ethical Wiki shows clients how to transparently share the draft on Wikipedia.

4. Long-Term Support

We monitor the article, answer questions as they arise internally, draft updates, and provide other support.

"Ethical Wiki's careful, by-the-book approach to contributing to Wikipedia in potential conflict of interest situations provides one of the finest examples of sponsored contributions that provide an unequivocal benefit to Wikipedia."

- Wikipedian, 42,000 edits

"Ethical Wiki’s expert counsel has helped us make positive, ethical contributions to Wikipedia, while avoiding areas where Wikipedia’s content policies conflict too greatly with our perspective."

- Ethical Wiki client, Fortune 500 company